[Photo of Frame Arms Girl Materia White Cu-Poche Action Figure]

Frame Arms Girl Materia White Cu-Poche Action FigureKoto Inc.; Oct 25, 2017


From Kotobukiya! Kotobukiya has created the ultimate mash up by combining our Frame Arms Girl series and the Cu-Poche Action Figures line, and coming next are not one but twodifferent color versions of a classic character with MATERIA WHITE! Poseable and fun, each 4 1/2' Cu-Poche figure features multiple points of articulation and magnets in her feet for extra stability on the included base or other metal surface. While Materia may look like a regular girl she is in fact an advanced robot, a highly-customizable combat machine. Her adorable Cu-Poche form replicates her appearance as a young lady wearing a white and gold external armored Frame on her limbs, torso, and head.Materia White's pink hair and eye colors have been changed along with the costume, and all parts are interchangeable with the black costume version. Even better, you have tons of fun posing and display options thanks to 14 points of articulation and additional parts including three different facial expressions, two types of hands, and even a small bag for storing the extra parts!

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