[Photo of Robot Spirits MSG Fa-78-1 Full Armor Gundam Anime Version]

Robot Spirits MSG Fa-78-1 Full Armor Gundam Anime VersionTamashii Nations; Apr 26, 2017


From Tamashii Nations. This classic re-envisioning of the Gundam design dates back to the 'Mobile Suit Variation' model series of the 1980s. Clad in olive drab armor and bristling with weapons, it is one of the first powered-up variations from the early days of the Gundam universe. In addition to incredible posability and a large number of missile and cannon effect parts for dramatic scenes, the armor can be removed to reveal a realistically colored RX-72-2 Gundam beneath. This is the ultimate portrayal of a fan favorite! The ABS and PVC figure includes a set of Full Armor, 4 types of optional hands, two shoulder missile pods, two effects for the missies, two knee missiles, 2 effect parts for the knee missiles, an effect part for the twin beam cannon, an effect for the 360mm launcher, head-mounted vulcan effect parts, a Gundam shield, a Hyper Bazooka, a Beam Rifle with detachable effect part, a long saber grip, two saber effect parts, a curved-blade saber effect, a hand storage rack, and various attachment joints.

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